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T.A. Huggins was born and raised in Northwest Pennsylvania. She received her PhD in Leadership Administration in Higher Education from Indiana State University. She taught Anatomy and Physiology for the majority of her teaching years. She has two fiction works. In addition, she has published some fifty-plus non-fiction Christian articles for various denominations and is a public speaker. She is married to a retired locomotive engineer and has two adult daughters. She lives in Avon, Indiana for part of the year; and in the North-Tampa area for the winter months.


Murder and Misconception
A Ben Time Mystery

I am blessed and honored to share my first book of the Ben Time Mystery series with you. In Murder and Misconception, Ben Time, a locomotive engineer, is on his usual train trip from Indianapolis to Saint Louis. He and his conductor find themselves held out of the railyard for an unusually long time. The delay involves the death of the train master. A railroad cop uncovers facts that lead him to exonerate the yard switch as cause of death, and instead search for a murderer of the human kind. Ben believes the engineer, being targeted as the culprit, to be innocent of the crime. Complicating the matter, the main suspect is a fellow engineer who continually derides Ben for his faith. Ben finds that in order to absolve him of the murder he needs to look into the facts and into his heart.


Bridges & Bodies

A Ben Time Mystery

Ben Time  is a locomotive engineer and the union chaplin. He fights to demonstrate Christian principles while working with modern day railroad men on a day-to-day basis. In addition, he finds himself is a position to investigate the not-so-coincidental deaths of two railroad men. One of the men was alive and well working with Ben the previous day. The passage of a single night changes everything when he spots a ghostly apparition drop from the side of the local haunted railroad bridge. Much to Ben's surprise, another body is discovered under the railroad bridge five miles further west. Ben hopes to exonerate several friends and coworkers on the suspect list, one of which, he recently had the opportunity to pray with . Solving the second crime of his investigative avocation proves to be a daunting task for the trainman.

Cincinnati, Ohio  53rd Annual Train and Trade Show
Oct 09, 11:00 AM – Oct 10, 5:00 PM
Lakota West High School,
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  • Cincinnati, Ohio 53rd Annual Train and Trade Show
    Lakota West High School
    Oct 09, 11:00 AM – Oct 10, 5:00 PM
    Lakota West High School, 8940 Union Centre Blvd, West Chester Township, OH 45069, USA
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Words matter. They can bring joy or tears. They can bring laughter and knowledge, and they can jump start imagination.The Lord began drawing my attention to words some thirty years ago. He also began a change in me. I spent most of my working years teaching anatomy and physiology which seems a world away from my current occupation of Christian writer and speaker. God has a way of stretching us and kneading the dough. And I am, sometimes reluctantly, but increasingly not so, His dough. His most recent kneading has produced the Ben Time Mystery Series. This stretch has moved me from writing non-fiction short articles to the writing of a fiction cozy mystery; and God willing, there will be more to come. The words in the Ben Time Mystery Series are intended to teach and entertain.


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